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To Be Friends

I’m starting work on a major new project. I’m composing the score to a new feature film, named To Be Friends.

The movie is written and directed by Jim Eckhart, and the Executive Producer is his brother, Aaron Eckhart. Mom and Dad Eckhart are lending a helping hand, and there’s a full crew who aren’t related, including producers Jason Mandl, Jill Hesseltine and Rick Sawyer.

The movie stars Joelle Carter and Todd Stashwick. It’s being shot throughout April 09. I’ll be composing most of the music once the picture is locked, so I expect to be focused on this project in June 09.

We’re in pre-production right now, I’ll let you know how it’s going. As well as composing the film score, I’ll be composing music for the actors to mime to, and coaching them on how to pretend to play violin and cello.

Here’s the first track I’ve composed for it.

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