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Love songs for Valentine’s Day

If you’re in Los Angeles, join me and some lovely friends for a delicious organic, locally grown, vegan Love Dinner at HM157 on Tuesday Feb 14. I’ll play love songs, including one that I’ve never, ever played for anyone at all yet… and it’s $15 for the whole prix fixe menu and includes love ingredients like chocolate, chilies, avocados, honey, and more! BYOB!


Starts 7.30 p.m. at HM157, 3110 N. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90031

Love is beyond the expected.

Love is inside you and me and all of us.

Actually, we are all made of Love, nothing more, nothing less.

As Spring uncovers crocuses from the snow, as eggs hatch the tiniest of chicks, as lambs take their first tentative steps into unknown pasture, and as our own hearts start to stir with lengthening daylight hours, stimulating the melatonin of our Circadian rhythms, and generating more connection and potential for amorous encounters, as Winter’s slumber lifts and the internal reflection of the cold season wanes…

Warm your hearts, Ladies and Gentlemen, and lift your cynicism, and extend your kindness and your generosity to one another, and shine your beauty!

Because Springtime is nearly upon us, and look, we have a Love Festival!

Love, Ysanne xxx