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Nude in Wallpaper magazine

Here’s the main double page spread from the Vanessa Beecroft fashion shoot I was featured in over Thanksgiving in Frankfurt. The photo was styled by Vanessa Beecroft with fashion by Ursula Geisselmann, and the photo is by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mangiello.

I am wearing a fabulous leather Gucci Autumn / Winter 2011 jacket, and DKNY jeans customised by Anastasia Fite.

The magazine actually contains three photos of me – this double pager, and two others – one in a fabulous pair of shorts, and the other wearing only a pair of heels and a wig! They said what happened in Germany would stay in Germany, but apparently not it seems!

Anyway, the nudie and shorts shots are exclusively in the print edition, but here you can see more photos online, and there’s video footage of the shoot, including the sound of my playing live for the models to dance to (listen carefully, it’s the gently strummed strings coming through during the hair-tossing bit)