Technically skilled, and with deep experience over two decades and two continents, Mee's versatility is second to none. From action EDM through to classical, she has the creativity, dedication, and sheer chops to deliver original soundtracks written to picture, on budget and on time, at the highest quality. As one of very few US female composers - around 3% in 2017 -  she offers a rare and refreshing perspective.

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Mee has composed full original soundtracks for two feature films and numerous television shows, including:

  • To Be Friends - feature film produced by Aaron Eckhart and directed by James Eckhart (Heartbreak / Nature)
  • The Owls - feature film directed by created by an all-female cast and crew (Thriller / Suspense)
  • Globetrekker Lonely Planet Guide - the world's most watched travel TV series, on Discovery in the US (Travel / Lifestyle)
  • Crime Team - 12-part prime-time TV series created by Channel 4 UK, with each part running time 50 minutes (Mystery / Horror)

Mee composed the original soundtrack to Chanel's 2017 commercial for their 'Gabrielle' bag, shown below.

Mee has created orchestral string arrangements for:

  • Fame Academy - BBC1 UK prime-time reality TV series with Ysanne's orchestral arrangements of classic rock songs (Classic / Epic)
  • Sleepwalkers - MoMA short film featuring Tilda Swinton, Cat Power, Donald Sutherland and more, directed by Doug Aitken (Drama)
  • Chrysalis - Ray Bradbury's final feature film (Sci-Fi / Action)
  • Saboteur - cinematic trailer for Pandemic games (Vintage / Vegas)
  • Big Love - HBO TV series, assisting series composer Anton Sanko (Hollywood / Epic)
  • A World of Conflict - reportage about global wars created for Yahoo, assisting composer Damian Wagner (War / News)

Mee's featured original music is a part of the soundtrack for:

  • Trouble at the Top - BBC2 UK award-winning documentary TV series (Emotion / Reportage)
  • Correspondent - BBC2 UK award-winning flagship investigative news TV series (News)