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The Los Angeles Times, May 10th, 2013

Music for Good

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The Sun Newspaper (UK) Colour Supplement, Fabulous Magazine. 15th May 2013.

Jewellery Focus Magazine, 10 April, 2013

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Retail Jeweller Magazine, UK. 11 April, 2013

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Press Release 001 for Ysanne’s album, The Coldwater Project

Click here for Ysanne’s 2009 album, Soundzero press and reviews

Below is selected press for Ysanne’s music.

Wallpaper Magazine double page spread, March 2011
This was the cover story, with the making of the shoot featured online in a video

Strings Magazine
November 2010 lead story Metal Mania Rocks The Strings World in the main international industry magazine for strings musicians

LA Weekly, January 2009

LA Weekly, January 2009

“Intricate, immersive soundscapes. Sometimes it’s just the violin of Ysanne Spevack weaving elegant patterns, while Irian Jaya, with snatches of soulful vocal, sounds like Marvin Gaye heard in a dream, and Friction is sitar, tabla and burning lead (violin)… Glittering surfaces.”
John Bungey, Mojo, Issue 187, June 2009

“It opens like a nightmare running at slow speed, sound textures blooming and crackling. It’s orchestrated in microscopic detail without losing an epic, boundless feel. Across 12 tracks, Spevack’s rack of electric and metallic violins are ferried by a smoky rhythm section including three percussionists as they journey into uncharted waters. At times, the music becomes so otherworldly it sounds as if it’s drifting from the deck of the Marie Celeste.”
**** Tim Cumming, The Independent Newspaper UK

“Incredible… she does for the violin what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar. ”
Steve Chandrasonic, London Evening Standard

“A fluttering filigree of melodic and harmonic violin. Beautiful music.”
Andrew Rawnsley, Editor XLR8R magazine

“Jawbreaking collaborations”
The Independent, UK

“Brilliant noises… mutli-textured, surprising and altogether unorthodox. ”
Neil Bennun, Straight no Chaser

“Combines lush solo playing within a gradual meditative ambience”
Tony Marcus, Mix Mag

“Unique and beautiful soundscapes with forest-like elfin secretiveness.”
Tracie Storey, Xfade

“This is the stuff!”

“Using ethnic instruments, violins and guitar, plus field recordings from India and Nepal, she has styled an absorbing travelogue.”
Biba Kopf, The Wire

“Mee (Ysanne Spevack) is a vibrant, beautiful and multi-talented woman on a mission, making waves with her constant enthusiasm for music, art and visual performance.”
Susan Kamil, Spirit

“Moving and elegant with emphasis on beauty, deep and classical – amazing.”
Head magazine

“Crafted sound textures. Immersion. Depth.”
Pete Lawrence, On magazine

“Spontaneous, vibrant, quietly hypnotic. Music that grabs you and forces you to listen to it!”
Hans Stoeve, Powerspot Radio, Sydney, Australia

“Refreshing, rare and challenging sound paintings.”
Daniel Perret, Kindred Spirit

“Moves with ease from a classical feel to chilled jazz into ambient. Beautiful.”