Intricate, immersive soundscapes. Sometimes it’s just the violin of Ysanne Spevack weaving elegant patterns... glittering surfaces.”
— John Bunjey, Mojo Magazine

“Jawbreaking collaborations. ” - The Independent - Newspaper, UK

“This is the stuff. ” - Muzik

“Brilliant noises… mutli-textured, surprising and altogether unorthodox.” - Neil Bennun, Straight No Chaser

“Incredible… Mee does for the violin what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar." - Steve Chandra (Asian Dub Foundation) interview for The Evening Standard (London)

"A sumptuously luxuriant cinematic feast... drenched in nostalgia, opulence, and fine craftsmanship" - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

"An absorbing travelogue.” - Chris Bohn, Editor, The Wire

It opens like a nightmare running at slow speed, sound textures blooming and crackling. It’s orchestrated in microscopic detail without losing an epic, boundless feel...
— Tim Cumming, The Independent UK

“Spontaneous, vibrant, quietly hypnotic. Music that grabs you and forces you to listen to it!” - Hans Stoeve, Powerspot Radio, Sydney, Australia

"Members of L.A.’s film music elite mingled with weather-beaten eco-warrior sailors and neo Edwardian fashionistas amid costumes from Baz Luhrmann’s "The Great Gatsby" at the multi-textured unveiling of musician-arranger-composer Ysanne Spevack’s ambitious music-fashion-film-beauty concept, the Coldwater Project. The first song from the collection is 'The Mermaid Song,' recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, whose accompanying fashion film was shot in the Art Deco apartment that has housed stars such as Gloria Swanson and Groucho Marx. The film showcases the jewelry of Russell Lownsbrough (Vivienne Westwood's go-to jeweler) alongside the paintings of Gail Potocki, who also appears in the film.

“The lesson of this entire album is to just be yourself,” explained Spevack, wearing a powder pink Alexander McQueen silk chiffon dress and custom-made shoes by high society shoe designer Terry de Havilland, who had reached out to Spevack and asked her to be his “shoe muse.”

"There are many layers to Spevack’s Coldwater Project, but in a nutshell, it’s a collection of songs, each with accompanying short film, charity affiliate and brand sponsor. It’s a novel way to approach an album release but one that reflects the do-it-yourself, collaborative-yet-individualized spirit of our times."

- Caroline Ryder, The Los Angeles Times