Mee is constantly listening and learning. Through her company Cherry Plum Media, she creates custom strategies for musicians, tech companies, and brands, and generates high-quality content about the music and technology that makes her excited.

Whether it's written interviews, videos, photos, podcasts, or old-fashioned tweets, she champions technology, entertainment and ideas to a focused, dedicated audience that listens to her recommendations. Mee is an influencer beyond her immediate reach, from her home in New York to her industry friends in Los Angeles, London, and Taipei.

If you're a brand reach out to her to discuss your music and technology identity, or to find an artist for a specific project.

If you're an artist who wants her to consider a custom strategy for you, start the conversation by sending your music.

If you're a music supervisor feel free to reach out with a specific brief, and she'll source the perfect track for your project.

Mee is London-born and based in New York after a decade in Los Angeles, and her travel schedule has been super active for many years. As an active working composer, she rubs shoulders with musicians and the tech industry wherever she goes, and her ear is to the ground while she's connecting and learning. That's how she stays hyper-current.

Sign up to her social streams for instant access to her unique perspective and discoveries, to learn about tracks she is licensing for sync, and artists she's currently actively supporting in every genre. She has unique access to music from Taiwan and the rest of Asia, and from the UK and the rest of Europe.

To request a consultation via Skype or FaceTime, contact Mee using this form.